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What if you could begin your career as a flight attendant very soon?  It is possible.

This is the vehicle to teach you how to get hired with the airline of your dreams without leaving your home or studying things you do not need to know!.


You can have a conditional job offer at the right airline for you, faster than you thought possible.


Ready to Get Your Wings?



It's time to let someone else help you obtain your conditional job you can!


  • Follow a step-by-step streamlined process of putting together all of the moving pieces. 
  • Learn how to make a resume that launches you to the Video Interview.
  • Get over the hurdle presented by the STARR format and behavioral questions asked in the interview.
  • Leverage the experience and knowledge of someone who's already been there to skip the overwhelm of the interview process from the ground up.

This is doable.

why should you trust me to get you there?

I am committed to teach you and coach you to become a flight attendant at the airline you want without having to attend an overpriced school far from home.

Our mission is to help high flyers, get their wings faster, easier and less expensive than if you attempted it on your own.

We are passionate about pulling back the curtain and showing you every single step it takes to go from filling out the application, your appearance for the interview,  what the interview entails, what the airline is looking for, and how to put it all together.  Get Your Wings.

Inside you will not only get the mechanics, you will get mindset coaching which will give you a huge advantage so we can get you enjoying your pass travel benefits as soon as possible!

Really, isn't that the dream? To get paid to do something you love? We want you to create a dream career that doesn't feel like work yet allows you to have freedom to do the things you want outside of it.  Dinner in Paris? 

You may have bought into the idea of becoming a flight attendant before only to find out the process is extremely tough. Let us help you make your dreams come true so your life can be a dream come true.

What would it feel like if you had...

  • The power of a bulletproof mindset that can get you through the interview. (you will have anxiety)
  • The security that comes with a job with great benefits?
  • The freedom to travel on your days off? ?
  • The ability to wake up with a deep sense of clarity and purpose because your work has meaning? 


    In case we haven't met yet... I'm Joanne Webb


    I remember the first time I was on a plane.  I was about twelve and my parents were taking me to California for spring break.  It was a United flight and a Boeing 767.  I remember the flight attendants most of all.  There has never been another career I wanted more than this one.


    Right out of college I began applying.  I never made it past the first part of the interview.  I found myself comparing myself to the other people applying.  I remember thinking the other applicants were more attractive, more physically fit, probably spoke more languages than get the idea.  I stopped applying.  As luck would have it, I became friends with two flight attendants and they helped me immensely to finally get hired in 2000.


    The interview process has evolved in the past few years, and I am not sure it is for the better.  Last year, I set out to help new flight attendants, and people who were becoming flight attendants to boost their income.  What I learned from that experience was a lot of people, perhaps like you, were not getting through the application process.  These were friendly, hard working people! That is not right.  I also came across some people while I was flying that had terrible attitudes, and that was definitely not right.  The people I was helping asked me to build this course to help them get through the application process.  

    That's why I created Get Your Wings!

    What is Get Your Wings?


    Get Your Wings is our Signature Course designed to show you exactly how to take your dream of becoming a flight attendant and turn it into a livelihood to make your dreams a reality.


    Inside the course you will learn how to ace the interview process, which often is quite unfair. The past few years there has been a shift in the way people get hired by the airlines, and for other careers too.  More and more people are turning to online courses to give them that much needed edge.


    It’s time for you to start working at your dream job and kiss the restaurant job or cubicle goodbye!


    When you register you will get access to our membership area with the course contents, an exclusive Facebook group as well as several weeks of Group Coaching Calls to help you hit your goals faster with less turbulence to get there.


    The Get Your Wings Course launches September 9, 2019.



    “I LOVE working with Joanne!  When I'm passionate and put forth the effort to make my dreams soar she brainstorms with me, comes up with innovative ideas, sees my strengths, and helps me strengthen my weaknesses so that I can advance more quickly than most.  She helped me speed up the process and get ahead! Having her on my team has been an incredible advantage!!  She also is authentically herself and a joy to work with, which in return empowered me to be myself.  This allowed me to grow my confidence and SHINE in my interviews!  Thank you, Joanne for helping me through this process!  You not also helped me achieve my goals but also made it FUN!!!  You are an inspiration to many.  Your heart for helping me and others is a gift, and for that I am grateful!”

    Kelsey K.

    "Joanne is a humble, straight-forward & knowledgable in her craft. She has been nothing short of the most helpful mentor in my journey. The thing I love about her the most is her vibe- you truly are dealing with a genuine & kindred spirit! I have had the easiest & most warm experiences with Joanne. I look forward to our chats & I think anybody who seeks her coaching services out in any form, will benefit drastically! A jack of all trades- such a talented woman! "

    Megan F.




    Get Your Wings will show you exactly how you can become a flight attendant through this online course. This program is full of content that is broken down into bite size steps to help you achieve your goals.



      A common mistake I witness people make is they do not research which airline they really want.  Doing some soul searching in the beginning makes a huge difference in your success.  If you do not love the airline you work for, it will show.  If you do not lay the proper foundation for your career, you will begin to wonder why you became a flight attendant in the first place.


      Starting over as a flight attendant will require a lot of sacrifices.  Some financial, some geographical, and some personal.  Many people attend traditional schools to give them an edge.  The opposite happens.  The schools are pricey!  They teach you things you do not need to know, like how to be a gate agent, or work on a cruise ship.  They require you to take time off from your current job, leave your loved ones, and there is still no promise of a job offer.  While we cannot guarantee a job offer either, we can guarantee that everything we teach you will benefit you on your journey.


      Often, people come to me after their interview and want to "de-brief"  That is an airline term for a post mortem on your experience.  The number one reason people tell me they have bombed their interview is because they are nervous.  When you participate in the Get YourWings Course, you will feel prepared and confidant in your interview, instead of a bundle of nerves!


      Finally, what is the one thing most online courses are missing?  Contact with your fellow students.  Once a week, we will host a live coaching call that you can participate in from wherever you happen to be.  You will have the coaching support as well as the support of the other students in the course.  The live support you get when you can be seen in your own environment is a true game changer.


    Get Your Wings Course

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Taking an online course to become a flight attendant seems like the answer, but...

    What if I'm not sure what my dream airline is?

    What if I don't get hired after I take this course?


    Chances are, you have already tried to get this job on your own.  You are realizing you are no closer than when you started.  However, the people who did get hired when you first started applying have a little, or a lot of seniority over you.  The first years are rough.  Absolutely. But, the longer you wait, the longer it will take you to get the life you really want.  But once you buy this course, it is yours.  If changes come to the hiring process, I will incorporate them into the course.


    What if I've tried for years to get a job as a flight attendant?  How will this course really change anything?

    Are there any additional cost associated with starting up?

    Will this program work for me?

    Am I even qualified to be a flight attendant? What if I don't have a certification?

    Feels like life is crazy right now. Should I wait for a better time?

    What if I can't afford it? I really should pay back my debt and make more money before taking Get Your Wings.

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